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The unemployment rate in Haiti more than 50% is projected to increase in 2021 due to political's instability, and the Covid19 pandemic. With an increasing population, out of which 50 % is below 25 years of age, bridging the gap between the unskilled youth and the demands of the job market is essential to fight poverty.
OMH operates various skills development & training programs, focusing largely on women and youth. The initiatives aim to improve the employability of the working population including school drop-outs, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers. OMH ’s skills training programs are implemented as integrated components of livelihood and community development and education projects as well as stand-alone projects. Programs include basic computer literacy, sewing machine training, basic agricultural practices, and farming. Besides providing skills training, OMH also works to facilitate skills training by linking beneficiaries to external initiatives by NGOs, companies, and the government.